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need some activity inspo for your kids?

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

To the exasperated parents and guardians sneaking courgette into cake recipes, “Yes darling, they’re green chocolate chips”, we acknowledge that telling children something is “good for them” rarely wins them over. When it comes to education, learning through play is like the cheeky courgette in the gateaux – kids are too busy enjoying themselves to notice they’re learning valuable life skills.

I’ve just launched a new free resource, tools for adults, based on the story and illustrations of my children’s picture book Such a noisy bird!, where you will find fun activities and games that are... shhhh, educational.

The first game to launch, Such a noisy bingo!, is a match-the-animal-to-the-word game which encourages speaking, listening and reading skills. It also supports the development of social skills such as working in groups and taking turns; and teaches kids about nature. Not to mention my old favourite – language acquisition – through exposure to words, their sounds and their meanings. Visit the tools for adults site and give it a go.

If you’re feeling social, I’d be thrilled to hear if you've tried the game and how it went. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram, handle: @hitchcockbooks, and share your thoughts.

My children’s picture book Such a noisy bird! is available to buy now, recommended ages 3-6.

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