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learning to talk: your child's secret superpower

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

How many times have you said something and heard your child repeat it, word for word? Whether you find it embarrassing, hilarious or cute, there’s no way to escape their observation skills!

Before your child reaches about 7 years old, its brain has a superpower: the ability to listen to, absorb, and understand a new language; not just words themselves, but how those words work together within the structure of grammar. Even if your kiddies can’t talk yet, they can start to understand you; it’s all part of their language acquisition. So, exposing them to as much language as possible is really important – especially in those early years.

Reading with your kids is a brilliant way to introduce them to new words, phrases and ideas.

My debut children’s picture book, Such a Noisy Bird!, puts talking at the heart of the story.

The oxpecker (our heroine) is an unstoppable chatterbox, and your little ones will be introduced to fourteen different ways to describe someone talking (that’s a lot of new words to stretch your child’s vocabulary). As a helping hand, these ‘talking’ verbs are highlighted in colour throughout the book, to help you and your child pick them out together.

But that’s enough of me wittering on, why not find out for yourself? Click here to buy it now.

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