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learning through play


Learning is so much fun when it's wrapped up into a game. If you need inspiration for activities you can do with your little loved ones, then look no further. 

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spot the difference


what you'll need

  • The Spot The Difference pdf (see "downloads for the game" buttons). You can either print this for your child to circle the differences or some tablet users will be able to circle them electronically.

  • There is also a cheat sheet with the answers - don't click on this until you think you have guessed them all! 

how to play

There are three pairs of images. In each pair, the second image has had 5 changes made from the first. Work with your little one to help them spot the differences.


If you can see them and your child can't, try asking them questions that might inspire them to search differently, like "Can you count the eyebrows of the monkey on the first picture?" (this is not a clue, just an example!). When you think you have all the answers, check the answer sheet together and see how you did! 

this game helps with


Cognitive skills

  • Concentration

  • Working memory

  • Learning to notice detail

  • Learning to notice changes

Knowledge and understanding of the world

  • Understanding comparisons

Such a noisy bingo banner.jpg

such a noisy bingo! 


what you'll need

  • For the players:

    • A print out of the game cards (up to 8 players or teams) - available to download below

    • A pen or pencil for each player/team

  • For the game master:

    • A print out of the bingo words (13 words) - available to download below

    • 1 pair of scissors to cut out the game cards

    • A bowl  (or hat/bucket) to muddle up your bingo words so you can choose them at random

how to play

First of all, cut the game cards out. There are two per A4 sheet. Give each child or team one game card. If they are able to write their own name/s, encourage them to do so at the top of the sheet. 


Fold up each bingo word and put them into the bowl to be muddled up. There are 13 words, each on a sheet of A4.

Pull out the first bingo word. Say the word, and lay the word on the table for everyone to see. To make the game "such a noisy bingo", get the players to shout the words together with you. This will help the children to understand what the word looks like, sounds like, and which animal it refers to. All players with that animal on their game card should cross it off. If playing in a group, older children can help the younger children to check their game cards.

Continue pulling words out of the bowl, saying and showing them to the group and getting them to repeat after you, noisily! 

The first child/team to cross off all the animals on their game card should shout "bingo!" to announce they have won. You can keep playing to find out who is second, third and forth place etc. 

this game helps with


Language acquisition

  • Speaking and listening

  • Learning to recognise and name 13 animals

  • Learning the written word for 13 animals


Social skills

  • Working in groups

  • Turn-taking

  • Communication

Knowledge and understanding of the world

  • Learning about nature

downloads for the game

Use these if your players are younger children (2-4 years old)

Use these if your players are older children (4 years +)

If you liked this, have you watched the reading of Such a Noisy Bird! right here on the website? 

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