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Such a noisy bird! 


Such a noisy bird! is the debut children's picture book by Sophie Hitchcock; a rhyming story about a courageous (but noisy) little oxpecker.

Showing that good things happen when you embrace who you are, this cheeky book is recommended for ages 3-6.

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rhyme & rhythm

Written in a bouncy rhythm with rhyme, Such a noisy bird! uses repetition, anticipation and language patterns to help your child’s early brain development. 

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learning new words

The oxpecker is a chatterbox, so Such a noisy bird! uses lots of different ways to describe someone talking. It also introduces your child to 13 wild African animals. That’s a lot of new words to stretch your child’s vocabulary.

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spot the verbs

The ‘talking’ verbs are highlighted in colour throughout Such a noisy bird!, to help you and your child pick them out together.

what's to love about Such a noisy bird!

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what people say

Hilarious! A brilliant
reminder to be yourself.

— Kettle Chip


free activities for you 


Check out the tools for adults page - a free resource with Such-a-noisy-bird! themed games and activities. Learning through play will help your child build valuable life skills, and those skills are outlined for each activity, so that you know how you're supporting their development.

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