Such a noisy bird! 


Such a noisy bird! is the debut children's picture book by Sophie Hitchcock; a rhyming story about a courageous (but noisy) little oxpecker.

Showing that good things happen when you embrace who you are, this cheeky book is recommended for ages 3-6.

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rhyme & rhythm

Written in a bouncy rhythm with rhyme, Such a noisy bird! uses repetition, anticipation and language patterns to help your child’s early brain development. 

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learning new words

The oxpecker is a chatterbox, so Such a noisy bird! uses lots of different ways to describe someone talking. It also introduces your child to 13 wild African animals. That’s a lot of new words to stretch your child’s vocabulary.

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spot the verbs

The ‘talking’ verbs are highlighted in colour throughout Such a noisy bird!, to help you and your child pick them out together.

what's to love about Such a noisy bird!